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Apr 10, 2024

What's new in version 1.3.15

Anand S

We're back with our weekly updates blog! We just launched our new version 1.3.15 with some new exciting updates!

Rating & review In-App notification

The built-in rating & review in-app notification layout allows you to capture feedback from your user, directly on your app without taking them to a different page! And as always, with just few lines of code, you can add this notification to your existing web app in minutes!

Onboarding tool to help you setup your first notification quickly

With our new onboarding tool, you can quickly learn to setup Engagespot on your app. We'll guide on each and every step to setup the channels, users, and then test your first notification from Engagespot!

Improved notification workflow editor and much more!

With our improved messaging workflow editor, product and non-technical teams can now build and publish transactional or product-driven messaging workflows without any effort from your engineering teams!

Just enable the channels, and design the content for each channel using our no-code template editor. You can even have conditional logic to avoid sending duplicated notification across multiple channels if your user has already interacted with a notification!

Improving messaging experiences, one step at a time!

At Engagespot, we're committed to improving the messaging experience of your web and mobile apps for your users, and make it easy for your engineering and product teams to collaborate on building those experiences!

If you haven't signed up yet, start here for free!

Anand S

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