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Jul 28, 2023

Introducing Email Notifications And Other Features

Anand S

Engagespot now supports Email Notifications. That means, the same notification you've been sending to your users through the In-App notification widget now will be delivered to your user's email too! We noticed that a lot of our users had to write their own code to handle notification delivery via other channels in addition to Engagespot In-App & Web Push. And building a Notification Preference Manager for their users was even more difficult! We've finally launched the revamped version of Engagespot that supports notification delivery via multiple channels, along with a Notification Preference manager for your users.

Multi Channel Delivery

A transactional notification needs to be delivered to your users via multiple channels. For example if you want to send a "Free Trial Expiry Reminder" notification such as "Hey, your free trial will expire in 4 days. Upgrade to continue using the service without interruption" to your users, you might consider sending it via Email, and also as an In-App notification, or even SMS. Now it's possible to send a notification to multiple channels, with one single API.Multi Channel Notification Workflow

Notification Preference Manager for Your Users

Every app needs to send several notifications of transactional nature. Be it alerts about user interactions like - "Hey someone commented on your photo", or updates like "Your order #4573 has been shipped!", or security alerts like - "Unrecognized login from a new device at 12:00AM on 12th Jan, 2022" You must give your user's the control to decide which notification they want to see, and through which channel. Some of them might need push notifications only for security related alerts and all other notification categories should be delivered via email. Users might block all notifications from you if we do not give them a fine graned notification preference manager. Engagespot allows you to quickly build a Notification Preference Manager to your users in minutes!How Twitter allows their user's to set their notification preferences.

Support for Third Party Email Providers

Engagespot provides zero configuration channel providers for all channels which you can simply use out of the box. That means, when you start building your app, just plug in Engagespot, and you've got In-App, Push and Email Notifications built in! For advanced delivery, we support third party providers like Sendgrid. You can connect your existing Sendgrid API Key and leverage the power of their platform to power email notifications in your app.

Built by Developers for Developers ❤️

Engagespot is built for one purpose! To help developers focus their time and effort on what matters the most while leaving the complexities in building a great product notification system to us.

Easy to use APIs with extensive documentation

POST - /notifications

   "notification": {
      "title": "Rose accepted your friend request 🎉"
   "recipients": [
   "override": {
      "channels": ["email","webPush"]

Override Delivery Configurations via API

You can override the default delivery settings via API, and even make use of all features supported by your email provider. For example, you can use Sendgrid Templates to deliver email notifications to your users!


More Features on the way to build Better Notifications

We're working on some cool features to make product notifications better and easier for developers. We'll be soon adding support for new email providers like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark etc, and support for Mobile Push via FCM, and extending the Notification Center UI Component to React Native and Flutter. Few of the features mentioned in this article are in closed beta. If you'd like to enable them in your account, just email us at Also, do let us know if you have any suggestions to make product notifications even better. Don't have an account? Sign up

Anand S

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