Engage users on your web app

Deliver notifications, product updates and help guides to users with an in-app notification center widget.

All In One Widget for
Customer Engagement

Knowledgebase Software for Saas
Changelog Widget


Notification Feed

Easiest way to add user specific push notifications to your web application. Add realtime notifications, native web push notifications and a notification feed to your web app in less than 10 minutes.

Knowledge base

Instant Help Guides

An instant knowledge base embedded inside your web application to help your users in realtime. Your users never have to leave your app to find help articles. Also, build a branded knowledge base to provide full-fledged support experience.


Send Product Updates

Easiest way to announce new product features and latest updates to users within your app. Get feedback directly from users and take better decisions.

One Platform. Many Use Cases

For SaaS

  • Send user-specific notifications.
  • Better onboarding experience to users by embedding help guides inside your app.
  • Realtime feed to help your users see their notification history.
  • Announce new product features.

For E-Commerce

  • Send broadcast web push notifications to your customers
  • Announce promotions and flash sales
  • Embed quick help guide within your website to assist your buyers

For Other Websites

  • Notify your users about anything
  • Display quick user guides and help articles
  • Announce organization wide news and updates.

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