real time web push notification panel

Web Notifications Made Easier

Easiest way to add user notifications to your website or web application. Add In-App messages or Web Push notifications to alert users depending on where they are. And also list the notifications in a notification center inside your website.

real time web push notification panel

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Help Your Users Find
All Important Alerts In One Place

How do you alert your users about something important? Email, SMS, Web Push? How do you ensure that they see your notifications? Engagespot helps you to send notifications as In-App messages or native web push notifications depending on where your users are.

But what if they miss both? Don't worry! They will see your notification the next time when they login to your web app, inside the notification centre. Make notifications smart and make your customers happy.

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Notify Online & Offline Users

If your users are currently on your web app, they will get your notification instantly inside the app. If they're away from your web app or if their browser is closed, they will still receive it on their desktop/mobile device as native web push notification.

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User Specific Notifications

Send notifications to individual users to alert them about anything related to their account. They will receive it no matter where they are.

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Automated Notifications

Create automation rules to trigger notifications at any point in your customer's lifecycle. Engage them at the right time with the right message. Setup reminders, onboarding messages or event based notifications easily.

realtime notification panel

Notification Centre

Your users can see all the notifications received from you in a single place, inside your web app. They don't have to search their email inbox to filter your messages anymore.

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rest api


Connect with your existing backend and trigger notifications to users simply using our REST API. You can send user specific notifications or broadcast notifications. We'll deliver it via the most suitable channel.

Supported in all browsers

Supported in all modern browsers


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