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Feb 7, 2024

Unveiling New Features: In-App Messages, Workflows, and More!

Anand S

We're excited to introduce a bunch of new features that will transform how your application communicates in 2024. After hearing from thousands of developers using our platform, we're rolling out the latest major release.

Actionable In-App Inbox

Introducing the ultimate In-App Inbox development kit, designed with developers in mind! Say goodbye to spending months on building a unified in-app inbox for your web or mobile application. We've got you covered!

With our ready-to-use in-app inbox library, you'll get...

  • A fully customizable In-App Inbox UI component for your web/mobile app.

  • WebSocket-powered messaging for real-time user notifications.

  • Built-in cross-device sync and state management

  • Easy-to-use action listeners, allowing developers to tightly integrate with their app.

  • No more limitations with notifications that can only redirect to a URL.

  • Headless libraries tailored for engineering teams handling complex use-cases.

  • Multi-state notifications that dynamically change content based on user actions!

And that's not all! We've spent several months crafting this feature-packed and scalable system so you can slash your development effort by a whopping 99.99%!

Message workflows to save cost, and improve UX

We've revolutionized the messaging concept! Not every message needs to bombard the user through all channels. Why? It's frustrating for the recipient and costly for the sender.

Ever wondered why everyone isn't doing this? It's simply because it's too challenging to build! But with our intelligent messaging workflows, you can effortlessly bypass expensive channels like SMS and WhatsApp if your users have already seen or taken action from another channel.

  • A single notification, let's say a credit card payment reminder, can have varied message formats tailored for different channels.

  • The initial attempt could be through In-App messaging, which is most effective when your user is already on the app.

  • If they haven't taken action within the next 5 minutes, you can reach out to them via email, WhatsApp, or SMS!

By adopting this approach, you can cut down your communication costs by at least 40%! Just think about situations where you blast one-time-passwords across all channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Email) out of fear that your user might miss it. With Engagespot powering your messaging infrastructure, those worries are a thing of the past!

Multi provider routing to improve delivery, and save cost!

When developing an app for a diverse audience, a one-size-fits-all message delivery configuration often falls short. Factors like language, provider delivery success rate, compliance, and cost vary significantly.

For instance, consider users in the US – Twilio might be a cost-effective SMS provider. However, for users in the UAE, Twilio may not only be less cost-effective but also exhibit lower delivery success rates. So, you need a local country specific provider for UAE users.

With Engagespot, you can dynamically select a provider based on the recipient's profile, considering factors like their country, compliance needs, and more. And fallback configurations ensure your important messages won't get discarded if the primary provider fails!

Easily add webhook capability to your qpp in minutes!

In today's user-centric landscape, demand for webhook integration with applications is on the rise. Users want the flexibility to connect your app seamlessly with their custom services.

However, building an efficient, scalable, and maintainable webhook system for your application can be a daunting task.

But guess what? Forget all that effort! Webhook integration is just another channel in Engagespot, and you can enable it with the flip of a switch. Hard to believe? Well, it's true! Zero research, zero code, zero testing, zero bugs! Enable webhook capability in your application from day one.

  • Enhanced cross-channel message tracking and unified logging.

  • Slash your debugging time for delivery issues by a whopping 99%.

  • New channels like Slack, Discord, Webhook

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Engagespot offers a lot of additional features to empower you in building the best communication experience for your app.

We're here to revolutionize the way your app communicates with users and how users interact with each other within your app!

Whether you're just starting to build your app or looking to enhance communication and collaboration within it, we've got you covered! Best part? We're free until you exceed 10,000 message triggers per month! Sign up here

Anand S

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