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Jul 21, 2023

New Launch - Notification templates and batching.

Anand S

Today, we're launching two new exciting features - Notification Templates and Notification Batching. Two essential features that will make your product's notification system smarter and improves the overall notification experience of your app! Let's quickly understand what these two new features are.

Notification Templates

With notification templates, you don't have to hardcode your Email, SMS, Push (or any other) message content in your code. Instead, you can create re-usable notification templates through the simple UI editor. With notification templates feature, you get a complete No-Code interface to manage your product notification system.

What are the advantages of using notification templates?

  • No need to hardcode notification copy in source code.

  • Make changes to notification copy without touching code.

  • Add or remove notification channels without any coding effort.

  • Preview and test notifications in realtime without any engineering effort.

  • Irrespective of the service provider (AWS SES, Mailgun, Twilio, FCM etc), you can manage all notification templates from a single dashboard.

How notification templates works in Engagespot?

Watch this quick video.

## Notification Batching I think this feature doesn't require any explanation. Let me try to tell you a simple example.

Consider that your app sends the following notification to a user within a duration of 5 seconds

Bill Gates commented on your photo (5s ago) * Jeff Bezos commented on your photo (4s ago) * Elon Musk commented on your photo (3s ago) * Larry Page commented on your photo (2s ago) Looks like your user's photo went viral, Good! But... phew! your app is irritating the user too much!

What if you could do this instead?

Larry Page and 3 others commented on your photo (2s ago) Clean and simple, right? Well, this is what the notification batching feature is all about. Without any engineering effort, you can enable notification batching in your app. Batching could be enabled for any channel such as In-App notifications, emails, SMS, slack, push notifications etc. Watch this video to learn more

Anand S

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