Apr 4, 2023

Finally, web push notification is available on iOS devices!

Anand S

Web push notifications are a powerful tool for keeping users engaged with web apps even when they're not actively using them. For a long time, developers using Apple devices have been waiting for iOS to support this feature. Finally, Apple has added support for web push notifications in iOS 16.4, which is great news for developers and users alike. This is a significant step forward for progressive web apps (PWAs) on iOS, as push notifications were previously a limiting factor for their adoption on Apple devices. With this new support, PWAs can now offer a more seamless and engaging user experience, helping to drive increased adoption and usage. However, websites cannot request for push notification unless you add them to your homescreen. Here is how you can do that in iOS 16.4

Step 1: Open safari web browser, and navigate to your favorite website that supports web push notifications.

Step 2: Click the share button and choose "Add to homescreen"

Step3: Goto your homescreen, and click the new icon that has been added.

Step4: Click on the button (or a CTA) where you usually click to subscribe to notifications.

Step5: A push notification permission prompt appears. Just click allow and you're done!

Anand S

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