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Mar 2, 2023

Added Support For Amazon SES

Anand S

Now you can use your AWS SES service as a provider in Engagespot to send email notifications.

What is AWS SES?

Amazon SES is a cloud email service provider that can integrate into any application for bulk email sending. Amazon SES also supports a variety of deployments including dedicated, shared, or owned IP addresses. Reports on sender statistics and a deliverability dashboard help businesses make every email count.

AWS SES Pricing

Engagespot do not charge any additional cost to connect your AWS SES account. You just pay as per your SES usage. With the AWS free tier, you can send around 60k emails per month. To know more about SES pricing, refer AWS SES Pricing

How to connect AWS SES with Engagespot

The steps to configure AWS SES provider in your Engagespot account is described in our documentation. If you get an unauthorized error from AWS SES, refer this guide.

Anand S

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