What is Engagespot?

Engagespot is a tool that will help you to add notifications, knowledgebase and a changelog to your web app.

Engagespot is not just a web push notification platform. It’s a complete realtime messaging platform that helps you to send both In-Site and Off-Site notifications. Our in-site notification feed is a unqiue feature which acts as a dedicated mailbox inside your website.

Yes. It would take only less than 10 minutes to setup everything on your website. If you need help in integrating Engagespot, just drop a mail to [email protected]

Yes, We have a completely free plan that you can use without a credit card.

Who is an Active User?

An active user is a person who has done some activity on your website atleast once in a month. You’ll have to pay only for monthly active users and not all your visitors.

Engagespot is useful for web based applications to improve the customer experience. We help bridge the gap between makers and users.

Yes, Engagespot support offline web push notification along with realtime, in-app notifications.

Let’s Improve your product’s user engagement

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