Web Push Notifications Coming to iOS Safari?


Mar 15, 2023


Update April 2023] - Web push notification is now available in iOS 16.4. [Update - November 2022] - Read - iOS Web push notifications confirmed by Apple. Launching in 2023. Web Push Notifications in iOS Safari is one of the most awaited features by web developers. It's now been more than seven years since developers started waiting for Apple to implement the Push API. Fortunately, there are signs of Apple working on adding Push API support to iOS Safari in the next release (iOS 15.4). As mentioned by Maximiliano Firtman in his blog, Apple has added support for Push API in the latest iOS release. But as per the report, the feature is not yet working. Probably Apple is working on adding web push notification support in Safari. It could still be in the early beta stages. It is still unclear if this feature would be released in iOS 15.4 or delayed further. Adding native web push notification support to iOS Safari will enable full support for Progressive Web Applications (PWA) experience in iPhone and iPad devices. Bookmark this page to stay updated about the latest updates about Web Push Notification feature in iOS Safari.

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