How we made Engagespot Blazingly Fast 🚀 Using Astro


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So this has been long overdue. We finally rebuilt our website and I'm gonna let the numbers speak for themselves in regards to the performance! As you can see its blazingly fast 🔥 and its all thanks to Astro. Let's go into detail on what all things we did to achieve this near perfect Lighthouse score.


The requirements were obviously clear for us.

  • Should be a SSG (Static Generated Site)
  • Should have good SEO
  • Instant load times (Minimum framework code/ runtime)
  • Good DX and should be maintainable in the long run With these, we narrowed down our choice of framework into
  • Next.js
  • Jekyll
  • Astro During the process of selecting a framework for our static website, we experimented with all three and Jekyll, while lightweight and offering excellent performance, did not provide the most satisfying developer experience for us, primarily because of our background in React and JSX. We initially chose Next.js due to its impressive array of features such as routing, caching, and support for React Server Components (RSC). However, we soon realized that many of these features were not required for our project, and the framework ultimately proved to be heavier than necessary. Next also had ship some amount of JS runtime, which also affected the light house scores. This led us to explore Astro, which struck the perfect balance between the other two options. Astro offered blazingly fast performance while still providing an exceptional developer experience that catered to our React and JSX background. This harmonious combination of speed and developer satisfaction made Astro the ideal choice for our static website.

Migrating from Next.js

By the time we decided to switch to Astro, we had already completed more than half of our site development using Next. Fortunately for us, the migration to Astro was incredibly smooth and took less than a day to complete the entire process. It was also partly because of how we structured our code base (more on that later).

How Astro works

Island Architecture,

Additional Optimizations

party town bla...

Closing comments

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