Save weeks of design and development effort by using our pre-built, fully customizable notification UI-Kit in your React, Angular, Vue.JS or any other HTML app.

Realtime Delivery

Our Notification UI component includes realtime connectivity to ensure notifications are received as soon as they're delivered from backend.

Fully Customizable

Our React notification component can be customized to match your app's look and feel. Every color, images and text can be changed to suit your needs.

Unread Count & Badge

Includes an unread count bubble that updates in realtime when a notification is received or read by users.

Mobile Responsive

We've made the Notification Inbox component mobile responsive so your app will work on both desktop and mobile browsers. You can even use it in your PWA.

Event Listeners

Add custom actions in your code by listening to different event listeners (Eg: notification_received, notification_clicked etc) that you can subscribe.

Easy to Integrate

Add notification ui component to your app in minutes using our React component, or CDN Javascript library for normal HTML + Javascript apps.

Get started

Create a free account and add a complete notification system to your product in minutes. No credit card required.

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