Realtime Notification Feed for Web Apps

Help your customers by listing all important notifications and messages inside your app. Add a notification centre to your web app so that your users don't have to search their email inbox to read messages received from you.


It's Realtime

When the users are live on your application, they will receive your messages instantly inside the notification panel. A bubble will show up to alert them that they've received a new message.

real time notification feed

Display Unread Count

Show unread notification count in a bubble. The bubble gets updated in realtime when your users receive notifications

Native Web Push Notification

If your users close your application dashboard, they will still receive your messages through native browser push. Our system keeps track of your online and offline users and uses the appropriate channel to deliver the messages.

image of web push notification prompt
icons of support web push browsers

Supports All Browsers

Using our insite realtime notifications, you can reach users on almost all modern browsers on all platforms including Android and iOS.

Quick Integration

You can add all the above features to your existing web application in under 5 minutes. We've made it easy for even non developers to install our platform to their website. We have web push notification SDK for PHP and a REST API for all other platforms like Python, NodeJS etc.

rest api for web push notification

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Add Notification Feed to Your Web App

Add a realtime notification panel to your web application in just 5 mins.