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With CTR around 20%, Web push notifications improves your website's conversion rates

Reach Out to Your Customers Anytime

Using web push notifications, you can push an alert directly to your customers mobile or desktop. And it is delivered even if the user has closed your website or even if his web browser is not open. That means, web push notification is one of the best ways to push relavant and important updates to your customers. Your users don't have to install any plugins or mobile apps for getting your notifications.

Improve your website's conversion rates

Using Engagespot's targeted and personalised web push notifications, you can re-engage your visitors by sending promo codes, latest offers etc. This attracts visitors to your website and thus your sales will increase. Website's using web push notifications are seeing around 15% improvement in their conversion rates.

Track Your User's Behaviour

Send relevant web push notifications based on user's behaviour on your website. For example, you can send a notification to a user who haven't visited your website in the last 5 days, or a user who abandoned his shopping cart before checkout.

Automate Everything

Sending web push notifications by yourself is boring and hard. Engagespot allows you to define rules to trigger notifications automatically. Thus you can sit back and relax while Engagespot automate the marketing process for you.

Works on Chrome and Firefox

Web push notifications are supported by Chrome and Firefox on both desktop and Android devices. Both chrome and firefox combined have a market share of 90%. That means, by using Engagespot web push notifications you can reach almost all of your users.

And Get Started for Free

You don't to pay anything to get started with our web push notification service. We have a free plan which you will be able to continue until you make 1000 subscribers. So, Yes! You can add Engagespot web push notifications to your blog / website right now.

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