Advanced Features for
Smart Push Notifications

Engagespot provides advanced marketing features to make
the most out of web push notifications.

Journey designer

Create personalised automation rules using our simple drag and drop journey builder Engage your users at any point on their journey on your website. We've made it easier for marketers to design customer journeys through a simple and intuitive drag and drop workflow designer.

Behaviour Tracking

To send the right push notification to the right customer, you should understand the interests of your customer. Our behaviour tracking engine will identify your customer's activities on the website and you can send relevant notifications without annoying them.

Also, you can profile your customers based on the data that you already have. User profiling helps you to send highly personalised notifications to your customers.

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Notification Panel

What if your visitors miss a notification?

With our in-site notification panel, your visitors will have access to all the previous notifications. They'll see the unread notifications whenever they visit your website.

Notification panels are already popular among mobile apps and saas websites. It is becoming an inevitable component of modern websites.

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Intelligent Automation

Automate notifications campaigns based on set of rules that you define. You can create intelligent automation rules using triggers, control flows and conditions to deliver push notifications to your customers even while your marketing team is away.

You can measure and track how your automation rules are performing. Define a conversion event and conversion window to know how many of your users are converting.

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Analytics & Reports

Don't you want to know how your push notifications are performing? Well, You can measure the success rate of your notification campaigns using our performance reports. Those numbers and graphs will help you to optimize future notifications and make them even better.

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