Frequently asked questions

What is Engagespot?

Engagespot is a tool that will help you to add notification feature to your website or web application.

How is Engagespot different from other web push notification companies?

Engagespot is not just a web push notification platform. It's a complete realtime messaging platform that helps you to send both In-Site and Off-Site notifications. Our in-site notification feed is a unqiue feature which acts as a dedicated mailbox inside your website.

Is it easy to integrate Engagespot to a website?

Yes. It would take only less than 10 minutes to setup everything on your website. If you need help in integrating Engagespot, just drop a mail to

Is your free plan really free?

Yes, We have a completely free plan that you can use without a credit card.

Who is an Active User?

An active user is a person who has done some activity on your website atleast once in a month. You'll have to pay only for monthly active users and not all your visitors.

How can I use Engagespot?

Engagespot is suitable for all kind of websites, though it is more suitable for Web Application Dashboards, e-Commerce websites, News Portals, Blogs etc

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