Why Push Notification is the Next Big Thing for Marketers

1. High Opt-In Rates

Compared to email marketing and SMS Marketing, Push Notifications have the highest opt-in rates. Users are more likely to subscribe for push notifications because they can do it with just a click without giving their email id or mobile number.

2. Highest chance of getting noticed

Not just “highest” chance. Literally 100% chance is that your visitors will see the notification unless they are disconnected from the web. Whatever they are doing, push notification will be shown on their desktop.

3. Highest click rate 

Push notifications have the highest click rate ranging from 12% – 20% whereas emails get only less than 2%. That means, if you use push notifications on your website, you are likely to get more sales.

4. Less crowded

Well, this statement may not hold true for a long time. But at present, it is not an overcrowded channel like email marketing, where people won’t even notice that they have got an email. So this the best time to adopt push notification marketing for your website.

5. Connect across devices

Be it a mobile phone, or a laptop or desktop, or even a wearable gadget. Push notifications are everywhere. With the rise of new push notification providers, you can track a single user across multiple devices. So you can send more personalised notifications.


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