To Website Owners Who Think Push Notifications Annoy Your Users – You Are Wrong.

This article is a must read for website owners who think that – “Push Notifications are Annoying. My users will go away if I use push notifications on my website“.

Sorry to disappoint you. But your assumption is wrong.

We have been studying the behaviour of thousands of subscribers on different websites using our platform. And the data proves that users actually love push notifications and they are getting benefitted by subscribing for these push notifications.

Some Important Points

The average click rates for push notification of websites using our service is 15% – 20% (Which is  far better than the CTR of Emails ( Less than 4%)

15% of the users who abandoned their cart without making payment came back after sending a targeted push notification


If you have not yet added web push notifications to your website, you are missing one of the best and most efficient user engagement channels.

You can add push notifications to your websites for free by creating an account on Engagespot

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