Why Web Push Notifications are Important for Websites?

Push notifications are one of the widely adopted features for websites in the recent years. The reason behind the quick and widespread growth of web push notification providers is that it has become an inevitable feature for websites just like mobile apps. Be it a blog or an eCommerce website or a simple landing page, push notifications can do wonders. I would like to list out some points on the importance of using web push notifications on websites.

I would like to list out some points on the importance of using web push notifications on websites.


The web has become over crowded. It’s hard for people to find what they are looking for.

It would be good to say that we are transforming from a Pull Based Web to a Push Based Web. As the web has become over crowded with billions of websites, people often get lost or confused searching for the information they need. People should get what they are looking for instead of them looking for that. Web push is the most suitable technology that allows you to push information to your users when they are fed up of browsing through your pages to find the thing they were looking for.


Opt-In rate is much higher than email newsletters.

Obviously. If your need to get a subscriber to your email newsletter, you need to get his email id by showing a popup like this.

Web push notifications

And, If you need to get a push notification subscriber, the prompt would be like this

All you have to do is click that Allow button

So, you would get around 25X times more subscribers for web push notification than for email newsletters.

Not just Opt-In rate. Push Notifications beats Emails in Click Rate also

Average CTR of web push notifications is around 8% where as it is less than 5% for emails. It’s very easy to guess why push notifications perform better than emails. Most emails are never opened as they get mixed with thousands of other marketing emails. But push notifications arrives directly to your users desktop or mobile device and captures their immediate attention. And since push notifications are short, the user will get the context of the notification in a single look.

web push vs email

Users are already familiar with push notifications.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google that we use daily already using notifications. So people know how to interact with push notifications. In customers mind, push notifications are connected to Offers / Something New. So whenever they see that there is a new unread notification, their instinct will be to click and see what’s in that. That’s an added advantage for you.

push notification count Can you resist the urge to click this notification icon when it shows that you’ve 2 unread notifications?

Statistics prove that web push notifications can do wonders in digital marketing. Still, some digital marketers think that push notifications are annoying. But it is not. I’ve written another post about that here.

Have you started using push notifications on your website?

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