Web Push Notifications – Are they effective?

Engagespot was launched as a simple, web push notification tool in early 2017. We started building this product in 2016 as an internal tool to help our developers implement web push notifications easily on our client projects. Since then, we’ve sent around 250 Million notifications. After studying our users for 1.5 years, we found some interesting facts about web push notifications. We’re explaining them here as an answer to a very popular question – Are web push notifications effective today?

There’ll be no single day in an internet user’s life without receiving a notification. It’s everywhere! Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, and probably in your CRM, HR tool, omnipresent!

Unfortunately, that tinkle sounds of notifications have become a part of our lives. It can be annoying sometimes, but a lifesaver too 🙂 I’m not exaggerating, What if your calendar application forgot to send you a notification for an important client call, that was worth over $1000000?

Notifications are important. It’s a great way to alert someone about something that requires his attention.

Evolution of Web Push Notifications

Until a few years ago, notification was available only on mobile phones. That’s why businesses invested in building apps, instead of mobile websites. Once installed, they could be in touch with the users, forever. Even if they never open their app after installing.

The same thing arrived on the web also. Web Push Notifications or Browser Push Notifications. It was one great feature happened to the web ever since HTTP was introduced.

web push notifications for marketers
You mean, I can send notifications even if the user close my website? REALLY?

So, things became easy for businesses. They built websites with push notifications rather than building an app for the same purpose. More ROI. Especially for e-Commerce businesses for better customer re-engagement.

It became one of the most widely adopted features on the web because it was very effective. But not for long. Like all effective communication channels, web push notifications also attracted the greedy, spammers!

web push notifications abuser
Hmm…. This is something I’ve been looking for.


They started abusing this channel by bombarding their users with tons of non-relevant notifications. Every single day. Users started getting annoyed and they learned not to allow push notifications from websites that are not important.

After continued misuse of this channel for more than one and a half year, today, people are sceptical about web push notifications. Most of them are afraid to click the allow button.

Also, at the same time, as more and more websites started to use web push notifications, it became harder to notice relevant messages. When you open your desktop in the morning, you’ll get a lot of notifications. You couldn’t even read them one by one. Result? The purpose of web push notification was lost!

Notification Catastrophe!


One of the major problems with browser push notifications today is that it gets lost among several other messages. The chance of getting them noticed by your users are slim. Also, once it is gone from their desktop, they could never see the notification again!


So, Are Web Push Notifications Effective in 2018?

Of course, notifications still remain the most effective channel for informing users about things requiring their attention. But it’s hard to craft notifications that get noticed.

This problem is not just for web push notifications, but emails, SMS and every other communication channels. The reason is simple. They are not just for your own messages, but for every other business. Your customer uses several other products and websites, right? They too send notifications, emails, SMS. Your messages get mixed up. That’s the problem.

So, what’s the solution?

A notification centre on your website!

Think of it as an inbox or a message centre that displays ONLY your messages. So the user doesn’t have to go through the mails in his email inbox, one by one to find an email sent by your product. It’s hard you know!


GOD! Where is that upgrade offer email I received last Thursday? Or Friday? Or was it yesterday?? I CANT FIND!


Do you want to make your users angry, like this? No one wants that.

The best solution to this problem is to add a notification centre to your website or web application navigation bar with a good looking bell icon! That lists only your messages, your notifications!

Whoa! Bell Icon! I love them. Because every morning, I check my facebook, twitter notification bell icon to know if there are some updates to the post that published last night. If the bell icon contains an unread count badge, I’m super excited. I’ll click it!

You don’t have to educate your users about the bell icon. They already know the purpose. That’s one of the greatest advantages of using an In-Site notification feed along with web push notifications.

realtime notification panel
An inbox inside your website, that displays only your messages and notifications.

That’s why we launched In-Site notification panel and the notification bell icon feature that can be added to your website or web application in less than 5 minutes. Help your users by listing all your messages and notifications in a single place, inside your website, instead of letting them suffer by searching through their overcrowded email inbox.

We have a free plan which you can try. Just sign up here add and get your notification bell icon today!.

Also, let us know what you think about the In-Site notification panel in the comment box below 🙂

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