How to Use Push Notifications to Make Your Customers Come Back to Your Website

More than 90% of your website’s visitors will never come back. Here is how you can use push notifications to get them back. Push notification is the only channel that helps you to communicate with those anonymous users. We don’t have their email id or phone number. So they are anonymous. Aren’t they?

Here are some of the best ways to deliver a push notification that brings your dormant customers back to your website.

Send Only What’s Relevant

Never send any generic content like Introductions, Daily Greetings etc. Remember, push notifications are disruptive. It will capture your customer’s attention immediately.

If your customer is doing some important work and if he sees your push notification saying – “Welcome to XYZ store. We sell blah blah and so on..”, he will be annoyed. Because he already knows what you are selling!

Keep It Short

Push notifications are very short messages. In the title, you have only 40 characters to make that first impression. And in the description, you can go up to 120. It is even less on some devices. So, if you are used to email marketing, don’t try the same style of writing an essay for push notifications.

Send Flash Sale Alerts, Exclusive Promos etc

As I mentioned earlier, push notification diverts your attention from whatever he is doing. So, it is the best channel to alert your users about important and time sensitive information like Flash Sales, One Day Offers, Exclusive Promotions etc. Emails won’t work in this scenario as they are never opened instantly.

Link the Notification to the Right Landing Page

I’ve seen a push notification that says – “Get 20% discount on product X. Hurry Up!!”. When I clicked on it, I landed on their home page. Guess What! The home page didn’t say a word about that particular offer.

The last thing user will do is click that ‘X’ button.

So, make you sure you link the notification to the right landing page. For example, if you are sending an offer for a particular product, the user expects to see that landing page with offer details after clicking the notification.

Don’t Flood Your User’s Device With Notifications

Don’t send more than 2 push marketing campaigns per day. That will annoy your users and they might unsubscribe. Sending one good campaign at the right time gets you lot of warm leads and conversions.

These strategies can bring back your visitors to your website. However, getting repeated visits is not worth if they are not converting into your customers. I’ve written another article on how to convert most of your website visitors into customers.

Always measure your campaigns. Look at your Click Rate. If it is less than 5%, then you are doing something wrong. You should aim for  10 -20 % CTR for your push notifications.

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