Upcoming Feature – Improved Notification Bar For Insite Notifications

[UPDATE] – Notification Panel is now Live!. Read this guide to manage the notification panel on your website

We have been working on an awesome feature. And we are ready to go now. The Notification Panel

Notifications are becoming an essential feature of websites, just like mobile apps. On every website like Facebook, Google, Twitter, you would see a notification icon.


Do you know why? Notifications have become the front door of communication for websites. Let us make it clear. When you log in to your Facebook account, you are seeing this tiny red bubble with a number written on it.

Let us make it clear. When you log in to your Facebook account, you may see this tiny red bubble with a number on it.

Can you resist your urge to click this icon? No, right?

Why? It is because you’ve learned that this icon means there is something new, undiscovered waiting for you inside. You want to know what is in there for you. So you will click it. Simple!

If Facebook, Twitter and Google (and a lot more websites) can have it, why shouldn’t you?

That’s why Engagespot is introducing a new beautiful Notification Panel for websites. Combined with our browser notification feature, this is going to be the best ever thing for improving customer engagement on your website.

Let us have a quick dive into its features.

The Bell Icon

notification bar for websites

You’ll get a bell icon on your website. Whenever there is a new unread notification, a count bubble will appear and starts jumping to get your user’s attention. As I’ve mentioned before, every user (Unless he hasn’t visited a website or opened an app in the last 5 years) would know what this icon means. So, you don’t have to educate them. You can simply utilize this opportunity to show important and relevant messages to your users like never before.



Notification Panel

notification panel for websites

When your users click the bell icon, this stylish, simple notification panel will be shown. And it shows all the notifications that your users have received before. Even if they missed them at that time. And they can remove unwanted notifications by clicking the ‘X’ button. What if they like a particular notification and want to bookmark it so that it won’t be lost? Just click the Heart button to favourite them.



Tab Switching

website notification bar

Just click on the arrow at the bottom of the notification panel. Here you can click the heart icon to view all the notifications that you’ve favourited. Don’t worry about your favourited notification getting lost among other alerts.


One Click Opt-Out


Don’t let your users permanently block notifications from your website. If they feel like you are sending non-relevant notifications, they can simply pause the notifications from the notification panel settings. And they can turn ON them anytime from the same notification panel. No need to use browser settings to control notifications anymore.


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