How to setup automated cart abandonment push notifications on your ecommerce website

On an average, 67% people who shop online abandon their carts due to several reasons.  They might have changed their mind, or they decided not to buy because of the price, or the unexpected shipping charge disappointed them. Using web push notifications, you can bring them back to your website and make them complete the purchase. Even if they have closed your website!


And the good news is that you don’t have to send cart abandonment push notifications every time. Our automation workflow has made it easier for you. You just have to define a rule. It will be triggered every time whenever a user abandons his/her cart.

Follow the steps below

  1. Goto Automation menu on your Engagespot Dashboard
  2. Click the create rule button
  3. First, you have to give a name to this rule. Just for your identification. Give something like – Cart Abandonment Push
  4. Then choose Trigger Based On – Added to Cart
  5. Trigger Value: If you want to send cart abandonment for all products, Choose Any Product. Otherwise, choose a particular product
  6. Then choose the execution type. There are three optionsImmediately – Push is immediately sent after the trigger event
    Wait for X Days – Wait for X days after the event
    Wait for X Minutes – Wait for X minutes after the event

    For cart abandonment, sending a push after 20 – 30 minutes works well.

  7. Next is condition check, that is, before sending the push you have to check whether he have purchased the product already. You need to send the push notification only if he hasn’t purchased it.
  8. Choose condition type as –Purchased
  9. Choose condition value – This Product
  10. Choose condition result – False
  11. Then you can design the push notification that will be sent to users
  12. It is better to use the URL of your cart as the notification link. So users will be directed to their shopping carts upon clicking the notifications
  13. Click Save Rule and you’re done!


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