Send push notification from Node.js web apps with new Engagespot Node.js SDK

Good news! Now you can send push notification from Node.js system to any web applications.

We’ve released an SDK for Node.js. It has become easier to send programmatic push notifications to your Node Js web app from your Node.js app built in Express or any other framework backend or web service.

The Node.js SDK for sending push notifications is available on Github and You can simply add the SDK to your Node.js project via npm too

$ npm install @engagespot/notifications

What is Engagespot?

Engagespot helps you build a notification system in your web apps quickly, without having to worry about its coding complexities. With Engagespot, you can quickly add –

  1. A realtime notification center or notification feed – Where your users can see their notification history
  2. Offline web push notification – To notify your users where

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