4 Secrets Only Expert Digital Marketers Know About Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is the latest buzzword in the digital marketing industry. The technology first appeared in Google Chrome browser back in 2015. And web push notifications started gaining popularity among digital marketers last year.

But still, 90% of the digital marketers don’t know how to use web push notifications. At the same time, e-commerce giants have adopted web push notifications to their online marketing strategy and they are making millions out of it.

So, I thought of sharing few secrets only expert digital marketers know about web push notifications which they use to make 30X times more revenue from their websites.


Visitors Like Push Notifications and They Will Subscribe If You Ask Them

This is the #1 secret that nobody knows. Most of the website owners and entry level digital marketers still don’t know about the opt-in rate of web push notifications. They simply think that nobody will subscribe to push notifications and they’re not useful.

Whereas, expert digital marketers know that the opt-in rate of web push notifications is very impressive compared to the subscription rate of email newsletters. 10% – 30% of people will subscribe to push notifications where as only less than 5% will subscribe to an email newsletter.

The reason is obvious. Subscribing to web push notifications is pretty easy. It’s a matter of one click only. On the other side, email newsletters ask for the visitor’s email id and this scares most of them.

Email Marketing is Getting Harder and Harder

Tons of marketing emails are being sent every day. So it is hard for you to stand out from those spammy emails. Also, GMail categorises marketing emails are Promotional Content. So your chance of getting noticed by a customer is very low with email marketing.

And an Email has two doors which the customers should open. One is clicking the subject line to read the email content and the other one is clicking the email link. Statistics show that only 25% of the people open the first door, that is clicking the subject line to read the content. And 95% of the people will never open the second door, that is clicking the link in the email that leads them to your website.

On the other side, web push notifications have only one door. The click action. When a push notification is received, they will see it no matter what they are doing. And since the content is extremely short, they will quickly scan the notification to understand its context.

The average click rate of web push notifications is 12%.


Web Push Notifications Deliver Strongest ROI Compared to Other Channels

ROI is an important metric in measuring the performance of a marketing campaign. Our statistics show that web push notifications deliver strong ROI compared to email marketing and retargeting ads.

We’ve measured ROI by tracking the number of conversions made as a result of marketing campaigns across email, retargeting ads and web push notifications.

Here is how they performed

Social Media Promotion – Reached 50000+ people – 600+ Clicked – 1 Converted

Email Marketing Campaign – Reached 250+ people – 2 Clicked – 0 Converted

Web Push Notification – Reached 100+ people – 12 Clicked – 4 Converted

From the above statistics, we can clearly understand that web push notification provides the best ROI and is the cost-efficient way to run a marketing campaign. It is one of the best ways to improve conversions on an e-Commerce website.

To know how much extra revenue you can generate from web push notifications, check our ROI Calculator


First Mover Advantage

Above all other benefits, this is one of the highly valued advantages of web push notifications that is known only to expert digital marketers. As web push notifications are in the early stages, the chances of getting noticed by people are very high. Digital marketers can utilize this new channel to its best and make millions of money out it until it becomes over crowded. When every website starts to use web push notifications, it’ll become harder to stand out. Just like email, it’ll become bloated and the ROI will reduce.

So, an expert marketer will identify this first mover opportunity and include web push notifications to their digital marketing strategy to reap the maximum benefit from it.

If you are a digital marketer or a website owner, this is the best time to start using web push notifications on your website.


It is estimated that an e-Commerce website with 500000 monthly visitors and average order value of $5 can make an extra $6000 revenue every month from web push notifications.

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