Launching Engagespot v2.0. With Realtime notification feed!

Today, we’re launching Engagespot v2.0, a major upgrade ever since we’ve launched Engagespot back in 2017. This update brings in a cool new set of features including a Realtime Notification Feed.

Engagespot is no longer just a browser push notification platform. We see it as a customer communication platform which helps you to automate customer communication through notifications.

Notifications have become the best way to send important messages. In the last 12 months, Engagespot has sent around 250000000 notifications. But the problem with web/browser push notifications is that they stay only for a few seconds. Your customers may miss important notifications because of this problem with browser push notifications.

We solved this problem by adding another channel to deliver your push notifications. So now Engagespot supports both Insite and Offsite notifications!


If your customer is on your website, he will receive your notification inside his realtime notification feed. He doesn’t have to refresh his page to see the new message. He will be alerted in real-time, with a bubble count.

Supports all Major Browsers

Until now, Engagespot supported only Chrome and Firefox on Desktop and Android. But, now since we’re not just a browser push notification tool, we support all major browsers including iOS mobile browsers.

Realtime Notification Feed


realtime notification panel









We already had this feature. But, we made it even better and more useful for your users.

  • We redesigned the panel to make it minimal. Now you can choose between two styles. The previous normal style and the new minimal style.
  • Notification panel will work even if the user has not enabled browser push notifications. And the user can opt-in for browser push if he wants to.

Unread Notification Count in Browser Tab Title

If your users have switched to another tab, how would they know when they receive a new notification from you?

You might have already seen notification counts appearing on browser title dynamically.

With Engagespot, your website too can add this feature without writing a single line of code!

Send one to one notifications to users

If you have a web application dashboard, you have the need to send push notifications to individual users. With updated Engagespot REST API, you just have to pass the internal ID of your user. We’ll handle the logic to find out where your user is and send a notification accordingly.

If he is signed in on multiple devices, (On his mobile, desktop and iPad), he will receive your message on all those devices. If he is currently inside your web application dashboard, he will get it on his real-time notification feed and as browser push notification, if he is not on the dashboard! They’ll never miss a notification!


We’ve already rolled out the changes. Simply log in to your Engagespot dashboard 

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