Proven Ways You can Use Web Push Notification Automation to Improve E-Commerce Conversion

Web push notifications have emerged as one of the top channels to connect with customers on both desktop and mobile web. With web push, it is easy to onboard subscribers, track their behaviour and send them relevant notifications even after they have left the website.

Here are some ways to use web push notifications to improve the sales of your eCommerce website.


Announcing Flash Sales or Discounts

Flash Sale Offers are time sensitive. That is, you should inform all your users about the offer within a short time. Displaying a banner on your website could reach your active users but not the inactive users who don’t visit your store unless they need to buy something. To reach the inactive user base, you can try email. But more than 60% of the emails are never opened and more than 90% of them are never clicked. Hence, Web push notifications are the most suitable channel for you to reach all your users in real-time and also to get the maximum engagement.

web push notification for e-commerce


Price Drop Alerts

Consider this case – A user came to your eCommerce website, browsed through your pricing. But he left your website because he found that your prices are too high. Now, there are no channels available for you to reach him. Because you don’t have his email or his mobile number. So, you lost one lead. But using web push notifications, You can send him a price drop alert for the product he was looking for and you would be able to bring him to back to the website and close the sale.

price drop e-commerce web push notification


Cart Abandonment Recovery

Every e-commerce website loses 60% of their sales as Abandoned Carts. You need a proven strategy to bring your customers back to your website. By defining web push automation rules, you can trigger push notifications automatically to every user who abandons their cart without completing the payment. Before the introduction of web push notifications, e-commerce companies used emails for recovering carts. But emails are not effective because the open rate of emails is considerably low.

cart abandonment push notification for ecommerce


Cross Selling to Existing Customers

Cross selling is a proven method to improve your e-commerce sales. Studies prove that chances of repeated purchase are high if we recommend complementary product/service to a customer. For example, you can send a web push notification to introduce a complementary product/service to a customer who purchased something recently. Cross selling to existing customers is way easier than convincing a new customer to buy from you. Web push notifications are more effective in this scenario as you can reach your customers even after he has gone from your website. Using Engagespot’s automation feature, you can send cross sell notifications automatically to your customers based on their purchase actions.

e-commerce web push notification strategies


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