Product Changelog, and Instant Knowledgebase – What’s coming in Engagespot 🚀

Engagespot now powers notifications in over 2000 websites and we’re launching some new set of features like Embedded Knowledgebase, Product Changelog that will even help you get closer with your users in your web app 🎉

I’m writing this post to give you a glimpse of what all things will be available in the new release.

1. Improved Notification Center

Over the past few months, the realtime notification center evolved as the most widely used feature of Engagespot. People use it for powering user-specific transactional web push notifications and implementing a realtime notification feed on their web dashboards.

And we just made it more beautiful and added more customization features.

notification center design for web apps
New Improved Notification Center

2. Embedded Instant Knowledgebase

Give your users great onboarding experience by listing help articles from your knowledgebase right inside your web app. So that your users don’t need to browse through your entire Knowledgebase to find help.

embedded knowledbase for web apps

Embedded knowledgebase helps users to read help guides and watch videos within your web app.

3. Product Changelog

A better way to announce new product features within your web app.

product changelog widget
Annonce new product features via push notifications and also list them inside your web app

And, All of them inside one common notification panel!

The good news is that you’ll get all these different widgets in a single notification center inside your web application.

And the setup? Pretty quick. All you have to do is to paste our Javascript Snippet on your web app.

notification panel inside web app
All in one widget for engaging users on your web app dashboard!

We’re currently working on these cool new features and expect to launch very soon If you’d like to get notified as soon as we launch, sign up for a free Engagespot account here

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  • Is a CommonJS module expected for any time soon? The current implementation is horrible both for VueJS and React.

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