We have been working hard on adding new exciting features on Engagespot. Today, we are shipping an awesome feature – Banner Image

What is Banner Image?

Banner image is different from the ICON image. Banner image is wide and large enough to capture your user’s attention. You can use it for pushing latest offers or visually appealing push notifications.

Which browsers support Banner Image?

Currently, Only Chrome (Both desktop and Android) supports Banner Images. Hopefully, Firefox will add support soon.

How can I send a push notification with Banner Image?

Just log in to your dashboard and go to the campaign designer. You will see a new field for uploading the banner image. Make sure that the banner image is in the right size. Recommended width to height ratio is 1:1.71

Login to Engagespot Dashboard Now

Let us know your views about Banner Images.

Existing Clients please read this – Your subscribers may not be able to view the banner image in the first push that you send with a banner image. It will be displayed from the second push onwards.

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