Do you think your client, colleague or friend will benefit from Engagespot? Just refer them to our website and we’ll pay you 30% of what they pay. Not just once, but for every month they pay us. Simple!

Our affiliate partner program is suitable for Bloggers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Freelance consultants etc to build a side revenue stream.

Here is a quick summary of what our Affiliate Program offers.

  • Recurring 30% commission.
    You’ll get 30% of his monthly subscription amount.
  • $25 Payout
    You can withdraw when your balance amount reaches $25
  • Zero Configuration
    Sign up for a normal Engagespot account, and send a mail to [email protected] We’ll activate your affiliate reseller account.


Some selling tips for you to get started 😉

  • Engagespot works best for SaaS, e-Commerce, Blogs and News portals.
  • Engagespot helps them to automate customer communication through an InSite notification panel as well as Native browser push notifications.
  • Those who are already familiar with browser push notifications have a better chance to switch to Engagespot.

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