We are introducing 2 new Opt-In Prompts for asking people to subscribe for push notifications from your website. Until now, there was only one opt-in method. That is the popup method with a custom message. Now you have 2 more choices for opt-in types.


This one is the default. You can set a custom message. The user has to click the Yes button to open a popup window, where he should again click ‘Allow’ button for subscribing. This opt-in type involves 2 clicks.

Native (2 Step)

In this method, the native prompt will be shown directly. When the user clicks the allow button, one more confirmation will be asked.

Native (1 Step)

This is the best opt-in type. The user just has to click only 1 button to get subscribed. No popup windows or extra button clicks. This is available for HTTPS websites only. Also, it involves copying some files to your website’s directory.


You can change the settings by going to Website Settings -> Customise Tab in your Engagespot Dashboard 


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