How to convert your website visitors to customers

Well, this is the second step. I assume that you have done some digital marketing or optimised your website for search engines through SEO, whatever, now you are getting a lot of visitors on your website. And you have spent a lot of time and money for that.

But you know, 90% of your visitors don’t convert to customers on their first visit. Now you might be thinking, Okay! They will convert on their second or third visit. Yeah maybe. But, only if they return back. Truth is that they will forget your website and they will never come back even if they thought of buying something from you.


In fact, your money spent on SEO and other digital marketing is getting wasted.

So, what can you do?

Convert the visitors to an audience, so that you can contact them anytime even if they have forgotten your website. But how?

You can try email subscription plugins. But unfortunately, most people won’t notice marketing emails nowadays. That is because their inboxes are being flooded with tonnes of emails every day from websites that they haven’t even visited.

There is a new channel for marketing. Push Notifications

If you use web push notification as a marketing channel, you can reach out to your users anytime on their desktop and mobile. Unlike email, your visitors don’t even need to open a web browser to view it. They will get it directly on their desktop. They can click the notification and they will land on your website.

So, if you use a web push notification plugin along with SEO or other digital marketing for your website, you will reap a double benefit. More visitors means more subscribers. And, more subscribers means, you will get more customers.

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