How to Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

Growing a website’s traffic is a time-consuming task. Kudos if you have grown your website from 0 monthly visitors to 100K or more. Not everyone has the patience to reach that mark. But the traffic isn’t worth if they’re not converting to customers. Here are some ways that you can use to convert your website visitors into customers.

Show That You’re Trustworthy

Wouldn’t you think twice before buying from an e-commerce website that looks less popular? Most people do a Google search to know what others are talking about the website. If they cannot find any other websites mentioning you, they might feel that you are a newbie and thus may not be interested in trying your service unless you are selling something unique.

For B2B websites, people always look for testimonials and client logos. If they find a logo that’s familiar to them, their trust increases. Also, showing big numbers like how many people have bought your product or service can be impressive as it shows that your service is working for lot others.

This is how Buffer informs their visitors that they are doing something great. The number 4000000 and those popular logos are more than enough to build the trust.

tips to convert website visitors into customers

I know that you don’t have such big numbers or logos to show. That’s ok. Do you know that Something is better than nothing? So, you can display the logos of some top clients who use your service and also some figures (if they are impressive). That is enough to show your visitor that he is not the first one to try your product. Nobody wants to risk their time and money by trying a product that isn’t trusted by anyone else.


Show That You’re There to Help Them

You know what makes an in-store retail experience great – A Human Assistant! A human assistant can help you to make your buying process easier and quicker. The same applies for websites as well. You need to have a live chat on your website. People often get confused when they are given a lot of choices to choose from. If they find a live chat support, they could clarify things quickly without much hassle. There is nothing better than talking to a real human to clear your doubts.

Demand for live chat grew by 43.41% in 2017 – LiveChat Inc

Another advantage of using Live Chat is that you can figure out the real pain points of your customers in browsing your website. Every live chat tools have page tracking features that help you to identify the page from which they initiate a conversation with you. If you analyse those data, you could easily find out the pages that are confusing for your users and thus you can optimize them. Also, one thing I think that would backfire is an “Offline” chat widget on your website.

Never use Offline chat widgets - Tips to convert visitors into customers

Whenever I see this message on a website’s live chat widget, I get a feeling that, their service is dead!

Offline status on your live chat widgets creates an insecure feeling among your visitors that your customer support isn’t good. So if you plan to use a live chat widget, make sure that you have a dedicated chat agent who is always online, at least for business hours.


Have a Process to Convert Visitors Into Subscribers

If you cannot convert visitors into customers, you should at least try to convert them into subscribers. Once they become your subscriber, it is easy for you to convert them into your customer.

Confused? Well, what I meant is that you should have a process to make your visitors subscribe to your mailing list or push notifications. 90% of the visitors leave a website without buying anything. Isn’t that bad? You’ve spent a lot of effort and money in attracting those people to your website. And 90% of them simply close your website after staring for a few seconds? It’s hard to accept but that’s the fact. May be they were just looking around, or they clicked your website by mistake, or they decided to purchase later. There might be several reasons why they leave.

But you can ask them to subscribe for receiving continued updates from you. If a visitor is partially interested in your product or service, he will be interested in receiving updates from you. And if you nurture your subscribers properly, you’ll see a lot of them converting into customers.

You can use Email Newsletters and Web Push Notifications to build a subscriber list for your website. Web push notifications get more subscribers quickly than compared to email newsletters. Showing exit-intent pop-ups and scroll based slide in pop-ups are the best ways to get more email newsletter subscribers.

Engagespot is a free web push notification that you can use for your website.

exit popup to convert visitors into customers


Optimize Your Visitor’s Journey on the Website

What if the user couldn’t find the Add to Cart button as it is not positioned properly? Or what if your website’s landing page is broken in a mobile device? Trust me, it happened to me with one of my websites. I thought it was all working fine unless I found one day that the Sign-Up button wasn’t clickable on some mobile devices because of an overlay that appears on top of it. A simple glitch like that would scare a lot of your users away and at the same time, affects your reputation.

I use a free tool called Website Resolution Test to test my website on different screen resolutions and devices like Mobile, Tab, Big screens etc. Make sure that your website’s design doesn’t break in any of the devices.

So, always make sure that your website is working properly on all devices and the functionalities are running without any bugs. And monitor your website regularly by scanning your website manually or allowing your visitors to report any bugs using in-site bug tracking tools like Usersnap.

Do A/B testing using tools like Hotjar to experiment layout and position changes. You can create two different layouts of your web page and split your traffic to these two web page variants. Then you’ll understand which version of the web page is mostly liked by the visitors and you can make that as the permanent change. A simple change in the position of buttons or content can have a huge impact on the conversion rate of your website.


Speed Up Your Website

Do you know that 50% of users abandon a website that takes over 3 seconds to load? Speed is an important factor that affects the conversion rate of any website. Also, Your website won’t rank well in Google if it is slower. Google’s website tester is the best way to find out how your website is performing in terms of its loading speed. It analyses your website and suggests you the fixes to reduce your loading time.

tips to convert more visitors into customers speed is an important factor for optimizing conversion rate

The above report is for a local eCommerce website. The tool shows an estimated percentage of visitor loss due to loading time. Would you wait for a website that takes more than 10s to load? Most people click the back button and find an alternative.

Simple methods like compressing and minifying your CSS and Javascript files, Reducing the size of images etc can help you reduce your loading time considerably. Always aim to reduce your loading time to 5 seconds or lower. I tested and their loading time is 5 seconds, which is ranked Good by Google.


I’ve experimented the above techniques on a lot of websites and found to be effective in improving their conversion rate. Let me know if you have any other ideas that you’ve tried to convert most of your visitors into customers.


engagespot web push notifications

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