“I would highly recommend Engagespot to quickly get started with notifications.” – Developers Love Us

Authblue is a startup that solves one of the pressing problems for Indian companies – “Background Verification”. They’ve built a marketplace for listing verifiers and companies can get it in touch with these verifiers based on what they need.

They wanted to build an effective notification strategy in their web application because they want their users to get updated about things that require their attention in real-time, no matter where they are, or which device they are using.

They found Engagespot online, and quickly tried an implementation in a few minutes. Just after 1 week of using it, they became a fan of Engagespot and wrote an article on Medium 🙂

We at Authblue are always striving to cater the best experience to our customers, we being a marketplace wanted the customer to be notified about the updates even without having to log in. We were looking out for the quickest approach.

Read the complete article here – https://medium.com/authblue/notifications-authblue-1980db30243a

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