How We Generated 500 Signups Without Spending a Penny on Marketing (2 Effective Channels)

Well, You’ve launched your product today. Great.

But, What’s next? How will you drive people to your website? How will you convert them into signups?

1 year ago, we had this same question. We’ve tried cold calling, cold emailing, one to one selling etc. But nothing worked. We were two fresh graduates without any prior “Growth Hacking” experience. We didn’t know what to do.

But one of us was passionate about writing! I loved sharing my knowledge through words. Fast forward to this day, content is the most effective channel for us to acquire new customers.

I’d like to share some tips that would be useful for very early stage startup products to build an effective lead generation channel.

Help People on Quora

Do you know that your potential customers might ask questions on Quora about the problems they face? Yes, they do.

Just do a simple search on Quora starting with “How” and “What” coined with your problem statement. You’ll see a lot of questions related to the problem that you’re trying to solve.

Start helping them by answering their questions, explaining how to solve their problem. Don’t be a salesman on Quora. You should be adding value. You should be answering his question, not demonstrating your product.

Be confident to mention your product in your answer, if that would help them solve their problem.

Also, make sure to add a relevant credential. People will notice your credential and it is a good way to get exposure.


If you have recently started using Quora, you may not see immediate results. For us, it took around 1 year to see the results. You should be consistent in finding new questions related to your product segment and keep on publishing high-quality answers.

Another good thing about Quora is that it helps you to get links to your website, which is good for SEO.

Quora is currently the No.1 organic channel for us to acquire new customers.


Start Blogging

Blogging is another great way to acquire customers. Just like every other organic channel, it’ll take time. When we started this blog, we decided to publish a new post at least once a week.

Since I was passionate about writing, I managed to do that. But not for long. We didn’t see any value in spending time writing all these contents. The traffic generated from our blog was way too low.

I lost the motivation and stopped writing. We didn’t publish any new content for almost 4 months or so. It’s during that time, we noticed that some of our blog posts were ranking top in Google, and those posts were driving a lot of traffic to our blog.

So, what I was going to say is that, don’t lose your motivation. Blogging is hard, and it will take a lot of time to start seeing the results. But you should never stop. Keep on writing new articles at least twice a week.

On your blog, you should have the feature to collect emails. Don’t hesitate to ask your readers’ email once they have read your blog article completely.

Not everyone, but a lot of readers will signup for your email newsletters. That is again, another source of high quality leads.

Engaging your blog readers

We used our own plugin, Engagespot web push notifications to send updates to all our readers whenever we publish a new article on our blog. This, in fact, helped us to utilize our existing subscriber base to its full potential. Without informing our readers, more than half of them will stay inactive and never come back.

Leverage Third-Party Integrations

One of the easiest ways to acquire users is to partner with other products and list your product on their marketplace or plugins directory. We did this for Engagespot at the beginning itself. We created a WordPress plugin and listed it on their plugin directory.

Find out products that are complementary to what you’re offering. Most products already have a third-party partner program or a plugin marketplace. Try to contact them and list your product there. You’ll get free traffic without doing any marketing.



These are the simple channels that we’ve used to drive more than 500 signups to Engagespot. And that is without spending a penny on marketing. If you’re an early stage startup without any marketing budget, you can try these methods to build a constant source of high-quality leads. But it requires persistence and motivation to keep going when you don’t see any quick results.

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