Feature Update – Color Theme Chooser & Conversion Tracker

Engagespot has sent more than 4Million notifications! And we are excited to unveil some cool new features to engage your customers even better.

Color Theme Personalisation

Now you can change the colour of Engagespot notification panel and subscription popup on your website. Many of you were requesting this feature. So we built it. Changing the colour theme makes your visitors feel that the notification panel is a component of your website itself, and thus drives more engagement


You can change the colour theme from your Engagespot dashboard -> Website Settings -> Customise

Conversion Tracker

One of the most important metric to measure your marketing campaign’s effectiveness is conversions. That is, the number of users converted after seeing or clicking your push notification campaign. By looking at the conversion rates, you could understand how to improve your marketing campaigns.

Currently, conversion tracker is enabled only for manual campaigns. To enable conversion tracker, click the checkbox while creating your campaign.

web push notification effectiveness


Conversion Event – The event that you would like measure as a conversion. For example, e-commerce websites track purchases as conversions. For some other websites, it might be a form submission.

Conversion Window – The period up to which a conversion will be tracked after clicking the notification.

Choose the conversion window according to the category of your website. For example, If you are selling daily use items of less amount, mostly, your customer will buy within 1 or 2 days after clicking your ad. So set the conversion window as 1 – 2 days.

But if you are selling items of higher value, such as cars, your customers might take up to 30 days to make a decision. In that case, if you define short conversion window, you won’t see any conversions and therefore you won’t be able to measure your campaigns effectively.


Let us know how you feel about these new features.

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