How to add push notifications to a WordPress blog

Most probably you might have seen prompts on websites asking for web push notifications. It is one of the recent technologies that is quickly being adopted by every website across the globe. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t use push notifications on your blog too. Read this quick guide on how to add push notifications to a WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes.

Do I need any technical knowledge to add web push notifications to my blog?

Not all All

How much time would it take to add web push notifications to my blog?

Less than 5 minutes

Then, let’s do it now!


  1. Login your WordPress dashboard (Where you publish new posts, change themes etc)
  2. In the side menu section, choose Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search for Engagespot
  4. Now, you will see Engagespot plugin. Click Install Button, and then Activate button
  5. You are half way there.
  6. Now, you could see a new menu named Engagespot on the same side panel from where you chose Plugins. Click the Engagespot menu.
  7. You would be taken to a new page where you should enter some values.
  8. To get these values, you need to sign up for a free push notification account on our website.Trust me, it would take only less than a minute!
  9. After creating the account, you could see the values site_key and api_key on your Engagespot dashboard. Just enter them on the Engagespot configuration page on your WordPress blog.

DONE ! You have added web push notifications to your WordPress blog.

For a detailed instruction with screenshots, visit our knowledgebase on installing Engagespot on a WordPress website



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