7 Reasons To Use Web Push Notifications on Your Website

If you are a digital marketer or a website owner, one of your important goals will be to get more traffic to your website and convert most of those traffic to customers. Right?

And to achieve this goal, you might be trying several marketing strategies that include social media campaigns, email newsletters, exit popups etc.

Wait! Have you ever thought of using Web Push Notifications as a part of your marketing strategy?

If you haven’t, then let me tell you something. You’re ignoring the best marketing channel for your website and you’re still looking for average ones.

Yes. Web push notification is one of the best features that has ever built for websites. Still, didn’t understand why?

Don’t worry. That’s why I have written this article to educate you about the importance of using web push notifications.


Read on to understand the 7 major advantages web push notifications have compared to other marketing channels.

No need to build a mobile app for staying connected with users

Do you know why brands build their own mobile apps? Because mobile apps ‘were’ the only way to keep in touch with your customers. Once your customer downloads and installs your app on his device, he gets connected with your brand, forever, unless he uninstalls the app. You can send notifications about latest updates about your brand. This was not possible on websites as there were no ways to establish a life long connection with your users. Once they close your website, you lost connection with them.

But that has changed. Now you can send notifications to your visitors even after they have closed your website. Just like the way native mobile apps do.

Do you feel that it will be annoying for your users to receive your notifications after they have left your website?

Well, No. Because, you cannot send them notifications unless they grant you the permission to do so.

You might have already seen several websites asking for permissions like this

If a user presses the Allow button, that means, he likes to receive continued updates from you even after closing your website. He has become a qualified lead. Now it’s up to you to make him purchase from your website.

Supports multiple platforms and multiple browsers

Web push notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari which together accounts for 86% of global internet usage.

browser usage statistics july 2017

Browser usage statistics for July 2017. Source – W3Counter.com

So, by using web push notifications, you can reach an immense range of audience visiting your website.

It is well supported in Chrome and Firefox on Android mobile devices too. But, iOS doesn’t support web push notifications yet. Hopefully, they will also introduce the support soon because web push notifications have become a widely adopted feature among websites.


Communicate without knowing any contact details

Sounds fun? No. You don’t need to know your user’s email id or mobile number to send him your latest updates. This is one of the best features that makes push notifications, an awesome tool for website marketing. Web push notification is a browser technology. Whenever your users opt-in for notifications, an anonymous subscriber id is generated

This is one of the best features that makes push notifications, an awesome tool for website marketing. Web push notification is a browser technology. Whenever your users opt-in for notifications, an anonymous subscriber id is generated internally to identify this particular user.

And another advantage of this is that users can subscribe to push notifications easily just by clicking a button. But for email newsletters, your users have to type in their name and/or email id in order to subscribe. Most people don’t like to do that.

Email Newsletter Subscription Prompt

email susbcription

Web Push Notification Subscription Prompt

web push notification subscription


Communicate even if they have closed your website

Once a visitor closes your website, you lost him forever.

You cannot ask him why he closed your website, You cannot offer him a special discount to convert him to a customer, You cannot inform him about a new promo offer that you’ve launched. It’s bad.

Don’t worry! With web push notifications, you can send him messages even after he has closed your website. The messages will appear as notifications on his desktop or mobile device. He doesn’t even have to open his mailbox to see your notifications.

This is how it will appear on your user’s desktop. Look at the top right corner.

web push notification ecommerce

And on mobile devices, it looks same as that of a notification from native mobile apps. Like the one from Facebook or Amazon.

Do you think any other marketing channel allows you to keep in touch with your customers this closely?


Instant delivery within seconds

Sometimes, you have to convey some urgent information to your users. Be it a flash sale, or a reminder or an important alert, it should reach your customers instantly. Not just that. They should read it straight away.

If you send an email, your users have to open up their mailbox to read it. Right? And sometimes, your email might go on to his spam folder or the less important tab.

Push notification is the best channel for sending such high priority, time sensitive information. Push notifications are delivered in real time. If your users are currently connected to the internet, they will receive your notification as soon as you send it.


Higher opt-ins as compared to emails

On this blog, I am using both email newsletter subscription popup and web push notification subscription prompt. Beleive me, I get 50X times more subscribers for push notifications than my email newsletter. The reason is simple. As we’ve discussed before, for subscribing to an email newsletter, people have to give their email id. This might scare some people away as they do not want to reveal their identity.

Such a user can subscribe to web push notifications anonymously without having to reveal any of his contact details.

So, you will get more subscribers for push notifications than for your email newsletters.

web push subscriber growing

It is very easy to build a list of 1000 web push notification subscribers than to build a 500 person email newsletter.


Higher CTR and Conversion rates

I conducted a test to study the way in which people engage with web push notifications and email campaigns. I sent over 20 campaigns via emails and notifications over a period of 30 days and observed them. Some of the interesting facts are

  • None of my email campaigns got more than 25% open rate. Where as the seen rate for push notifications were 50% or more.
  • Average CTR of my email campaigns were around 2 – 6%. But for push notifications, it was 10 – 14%
  • Highest CTR among email campaigns was 12% and that among push notifications was 24%

That clearly shows how people respond to push notifications and email newsletters.

web push vs email



Web push notifications are undoubtedly the best channel to engage with website visitors. The adoption and acceptance of push notifications will grow significantly in the coming years. So, if you are a digital marketer or a website owner, this is the best time to implement web push notifications on your website and start experimenting different marketing strategies. I’ve written another article on using web push notifications effectively for e-commerce websites.


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