More than 67% of the customers who shop online abandon their carts. Here is what you can do

Everybody knows that not everyone who adds something to their online shopping cart would actually buy it. But the truth is a bit scarier. It’s not just 1 or 2. More than 60% of the customers who add something to their cart will never complete the purchase!

What could be the reason?

Some common reasons behind cart abandonment are

  • Unexpected cost at the checkout page
  • Confusing checkout process
  • Insecure feeling about the payment process
  • The customer was just looking at the product. Not serious about buying

What if you could bring them back to your website and complete the purchase? That means 60% more sales!

What can you do?

Reaching out to the customers who abandon their carts is the best way to make them happy and close the sale. But it is not convenient to reach out to every customer every time. You have to automate this process.

Engagespot Automation Rules allows you to define cart abandonment triggers which will be sent to every customer who abandons their carts. It is the best channels to engage with your customers.

What push notification should I send?

You could simply send a reminder push notification after some minutes. This would make the customer aware about the shopping cart in case if he has forgotten.

If a customer hasn’t purchased even after a day, then it is better to send him a special promo code. Mention that, the promo is valid only if you check out now. Thus you have a chance to bring him back.

Creating urgency is another idea. You can send alerts like – the items in your cart will go out of stock soon. Complete the purchase now before the items go out of stock.

By sending engaging push notifications, you can bring people back to your website and complete their purchase. Among 60% of people who abandon their carts, arond 10% – 20% can be easily brought back if you send the right push notifications.


Create an Engagespot account to set up automated cart abandonment push notifications in less than a minute.

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