5 Ways to Bring Repeat Customers Back to Your Website

Getting repeated customers is one metric that shows the success of your online business. The feeling when an old customer comes back to you because he liked the first purchase! It’s awesome. Easier said than done. Here are some secrets to making your customers purchase from you again and again.

1. Provide good after sales service


Delivering the product/service is only 50% of the journey. Rest is how you will treat the customer. If you are readily available for any support, that will improve customer’s trust in you and he will come back to you rather than thinking about some other brands. On the other hand, if you provide poor customer service, you will lose a customer and also, he will spread the negative review among other people as well.

2. Keep in touch with them

Customers will forget you if you don’t keep in touch with them. Ask them to subscribe to push notifications or email newsletters. And keep in touch with them daily by sending some important stuff. But don’t spam. If you do, it will negatively affect your reputation.

3. Give special discounts to repeated buyers

They trust you, they love you. And to keep their interest in you, you should reward them. Many businesses offer special discounts and rewards for their repeated customers. It is called loyalty program.

4. Be active on social media

Today, 90% of your customers would be active on social media. And most of them look for your presence in social media. It is one of the best places to engage with customers. Make sure you have the presence and update it regularly. Otherwise, customers may think that you are out of business.

5. Keep your website updated

If a customer comes back to your website after few months and if he still sees the same products, he will lose interest. He might go for other websites where he can find new varieties. So make sure that you update your website regularly to create a feel that your business is live.


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