5 Ways to Get More Web Push Notification Subscribers

Having a large, high-quality push notification subscriber list is an asset. But most websites fail when it comes to converting their visitors to subscribers. The struggle is more in the case of email newsletters, where the average opt-in rate is less than 2%. That is, for every 100 visitors, only 2 of them would subscribe to your newsletter. For web push notifications, you can aim for 5% to 15% opt-in rate depending on the type of your website. After analysing 200+ websites, we’ve found some strategies to improve the visitor to subscriber conversion rate. Before that, if you want to know why web push notifications are

Before that, if you want to know why web push notifications are important for your website, I’ve written another article that points out 7 reasons to use web push notifications on your website.


Use One Step Opt-In

If you enable One Step Opt-In, your visitors can subscribe to push notifications in just one click. Our websites have seen up to 10X growth in subscriber base by switching from Two Step Opt-In to One Step Opt-In. Your website needs to be HTTPS enabled in order to enable the One Step Opt-In.


Find the Right Time to Ask Your Users

Timing is important when it comes to asking your users to subscribe. It depends on the category of the websites. But what we have found is that the subscription rate is the highest if we show the subscription prompt within 5 – 7 seconds after the user has landed on a web page.


Offer Special Deals to New Subscribers

You can offer special deals to people who subscribe to your notifications. Send them a coupon code along with the Thank You notification right after subscription. This one small discount could bring more sales to you in future. One of our eCommerce clients sends a one-time coupon code along with the Thank You push notification after subscription. This made a significant improvement in their number of subscribers as well as online sales.


Let Them Know That They Can Unsubscribe Anytime

People won’t subscribe to your web push notifications if they think that you are a spammer. Let them know that it’s very easy to unsubscribe anytime. Thus you could convince your users that you care for them and you are not one among the spammers who flood their desktop and mobile devices with tonnes of web push notifications every day.


Run Short Term Ad Campaigns to Bring Quality Traffic

Running ad campaigns on Google or Facebook gets you a lot of new visitors to your website. If you have web push notifications installed, you would be able to convert these new visitors into subscribers. The more quality traffic you bring in, the more subscribers you will get. It’s worth spending on ad campaigns if you could grow your web push notification subscriber list rather than just bringing in more people to your website who just leaves without purchasing.


Do you have any creative ideas to get more web push notification subscribers?


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